Need a reason why?

We believe an anthem is created one note at a time. Are you asking yourself “why” every morning when you wake up early and pull yourself out of bed? Asking yourself “why” as you get ready for school and leave the comforts of home to step into the rat race? Are you asking “why” while you deal with tests, assignments and the guy that “mean-mugs” you in the lunchroom? We here at B Sharp are eager to provide some answers to your questions. We want to motivate you to face the challenges of school head-on with purpose. Everyone should have their own soundtrack and we want to help you create yours. Through music we will build bridges, unite around our inspirational nature and take the stage of life. We will create a rhythm on a new drum. Success leads to success and we will expose you to successful people right here in our community that truly want to share their success with you. All this while we are creating music, making notes and taking notes.

We will introduce you to the world of music and entertainment, and provide mentoring and field trips that will expand your horizons outside of the classroom walls. We will work with area high schools to find the best candidates for our B Sharp Student Ambassador program. Students who are chosen will be allowed to participate in our programs and, in exchange, will be expected to stay in school and support our program’s growth for other new Ambassadors.

You can make a difference.

On an individual scale, failure to complete high school is directly linked to a person’s income, thus their quality of life.