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B Sharp Foundation is a private non-profit foundation looking to improve our schools and our community through music. You can help in any number of ways, from sponsoring students to providing field trip opportunities and more. We gratefully appreciate any donations of time, experiences, gifts and donations.


We are seeking business leaders and corporate partners in the community who are willing to speak to our Ambassadors about the business and career opportunities for the future.


Guides take part in the outings and oversee the scheduled activities and meetings with Mentors and Ambassadors.

in-kind donations

Our program involves transporting students to community activities, entertainment venues, business field trips, and more. You can help by providing any assistance with our needs for transportation, meeting space, student lunches, tablets, and more.

guest speakers

We are seeking business leaders and corporate partners in the community who are willing to tell their stories about their path to success.

Your story can inspire the sleeping giants of tomorrow.  Every accomplished person we know has overcome some type of adversity.  They have had to walk through a storm to reach the sunny beach on the other side of the journey.  Let your words be the fuel to drive a young person through their own challenges.  Give someone hope. Let them know the rewarding glow of success and how it is leveraged through challenge.  Simply come and be a star, share your story, and provide someone a reason to dream.


B-Sharp Foundation is a 501c3 non profit. The tax ID number for tax-free donations is 26053411006286. All donations are tax deductible.

Yes, I want to help inspire high school students to stay in school!

Institutionalized Donors

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