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B-Sharp Foundation, which is dedicated to using music as a tool to motivate students and to build school-community connections, announces a new offering for high school students to gain introductory experience to professional recording, song writing and other tools of the trade.

This eight week after school program is ideal for high school students who are curious about studying audio engineering and music production as a potential career. Whether someone is a musician or a creative technician, they will be able to learn, network, and get hands-on experience while experimenting with a wide array of equipment and software. Through narrated demonstrations from industry professionals and group labs, attendees will gain a solid understanding of the workflow and signal flows of the recording and mixing processes.

The Program

Program details

Introduction/ Elements of a Song: (2.5-hours)

  1. Orientation
    • Review syllabus and course expectations
    • Getting to know one another
  2. Lesson
    • Overview of the music business – “tools of the trade”
  3. Break
  4. Lesson/ Group Activity
    • Music theory basics – tempo, key, examples of the structures used in popular songs
  5. Assignment 1A:
    • (google quizzes)
  6. Take home online quiz 1 
    • “Music industry terminology” – “Music theory terminology”

Sound Selection/ Production Demonstration: (2.5-hours)

  1. Review of the previous assignments 1A 
  2. Lesson/ Group Listening
    • Music production basics – Instruments, DAWs, controllers, MIDI, etc.
    • Examining examples of sounds and instruments used in popular songs
  3. Break 
  4. Lesson/Demonstration
    • Creating a song from scratch
  5. Assignment 2A: Take home online quiz #2
    • “Music equipment terminology”
  6. Assignment 2B:
    • Individual song deconstruction write-up

Making Your Own Song /Copyright and Publishing: (2.5-hours)

  1. Review of the previous assignments 2A -2B
  2. Review
    • Review music theory and production basics
  3. Directed Individual Activity
    • Preproduction – sound selection/design
  4. Break
  5. Lesson
    • Intellectual property protections – copyright/publishing
  6. Assignment 3A: Take home online quiz #3
    • “Copyright and publishing terminology”
  7. Assignment 3B:
    • Production on paper – “Writing a song

Music Promotion: (2.5-hours)

  1. Review of the previous assignments 3A -3B 
  2. Lesson: 
    • Promoting and selling your music – agents, social media, etc.
  3. Directed Individual Activity
    • Creating an artist page on social media
    • Break
    • Continue working on song project and developing their production (1 HR)
  4. Assignment 4A: Take home online quiz #4
    • “The Music Market Place”

In The Recording Studio with cover song: (2.5-hours)

  1. Travel to Studio 
  2. Directed Collaborative Activity
    • Recording main song elements
  3. Travel back to campus
  4. Assignment 5A:
    • Offsite continued production – “Creating remixes in Garage band.”

In The Recording Studio/ Into To Mix Engineering: (2.5-hours)

  1. Directed Collaborative Activity
    • Listen to remixes from assignment 5A and review recording from lesson 5.
  2. Break 
  3. Lesson/ Group Activity
    • Audio processing and control
Examining examples of popular songs and their effects
  1. Assignment 6A:
    • Take home online quiz 5 – “Effects and processors terminology”
  2. Assignment 6B:
    • Write-up – “Collecting detailed feedback from peers”

Final production and song completion (2.5-hours)

  1. Directed Individual Activity
    • Finalizing their song with direct assistance from instructor.
  2. Break
  3. Directed Individual Activity
    • Finalizing their song with direct assistance from instructor.

Live in Full Effect: (2.5-hours)

  1. Group Activity
    • Setting up a PA system
  2. Group Activity
    • Live student performances
  3. Group Activity
    • Final commencement

Student testimonials

Clayton Alnic

“My experience has been eye opening, Changed my perspective of music…I have a deeper understanding of music”


Ava Fraser

“Music camp has been so much fun, getting to see the entire process, has been really cool”


Aaliyah Wood

“This experience has been absolutely incredible…”



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