3 Day Music Clinic


This three-day workshop is ideal for high-school students who are curious about studying audio engineering and music production as a potential career.

It is also a great introductory experience to professional recording, songwriting, and the tools that are involved.

Whether someone is a musician or a creative technician, they will be able to learn, network, and get hands on while experimenting with a wide array or equipment and software.

Through narrated demonstrations and group labs, attendees will gain a solid understanding of the workflow and signal flow of the recording and mixing process.

The Clinic

Day 1: The Studio: 6-hours

Orientation (1 hr.): Framing the workshop and getting to know one another

10-minute break

Lesson #1 (1.5 hr.): Overview of the music business – “tools of the trade” – Guest speaker

  • What does an audio engineer actually do?
  • Are there different types of engineers?
  • What are traditional inroads to becoming an engineer?
  • What is the difference between producing and engineering?
  • What equipment and resources are essential for both?
  • What are related careers?

10-minute break

Lesson #2 (1.5 hr.): Recording studio signal flow and equipment overview

  • How to setup your recording environment and special tips for home studios.
  • Preamplifiers, mixers/consoles, and interfacing with a computer.
  • What type of microphones are best for vocals and instruments?

10-minute break

Lab #1 (1.5 hr.): Narrated vocal recording demo assisted and observed by students

  • Pro Tools software introduction
  • Recording, mixing and editing live vocal talent

Day 2: Elements of a Song: 6-hours

Lesson #3 (1.5 hrs.): Music theory basics 

  • Starting with a time signature (basic rhythm).
  • Selecting a tempo that fits your creative energy.
  • What is a key signature and how to “play by the rules”.

10-minute break

Group Activity (1 hr.): Critical listening to suggested songs

  • What are characteristics of popular genres?
  • Examining song structure.
  • Listening for FX being used.

10-minute break

Lesson #4 (1.5 hr.): Music production equipment and software

  • What is the difference between Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Ableton, etc.?
  • Drum machines, keyboard synthesizers, controllers, and instruments explained.

10-minute break

Lab #3 (1.5 hr.): Narrated beat production demo assisted and observed by students

  • Instructor or special guest improvises a beat on the fly while it is being narrated
  • Students experiment with various production tools and instruments for remainder of time

Day 3: Mixing a Song: 6-hours

Lesson #5 (1.5 hrs.): Gathering and organizing files 

  • What file types are common and best?
    • Sample rate and bit rate
    • Compressed or uncompressed digital audio
  • Working with established templates for both quality and convenience.
  • How to import and export files for mixing or listening.
  • Sharing organizational tips and tricks before beginning a mix.

10-minute break

Lesson #6 (1.5 hr.): Controlling sound with processors

  • What are the main tools for improving or fixing the quality or sounds?
  • What type of processors are used to add creative FX?
  • What are the pro’s and con’s of hardware vs. plugins?

10-minute break

Group Activity (1 hr.): Examining a finished mix

  • How is the routing set up?
  • What FX are being used?
  • What advanced mixing techniques are being applied?

10-minute break

Student trying out equipment in studio

Lab #4 (1.5 hr.): Open-studio time for playing with equipment

  • Students collaborate while operating production equipment and software.
  • Students are guided by instructor

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Tom Zumbo
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